01 September 2008

Moms Say the Darnedest Things

I took my sister and moms to our local Ddeok Ssam owned by that ajusshi actor. I think my mom got a little star struck when he came to our table to put some garlic on the grill. The ajusshi kind of flirted with my mom, pointing out that they both had similar salt-n-pepper hairstyles. I asked her if she wanted me to snap a picture of them, but she got all bashful. I totally should have.

My mom was also dazzled by the array of samgyupsal accouterments.

Later that evening, we even got a kyeran-jjim (steamed egg) as "service." I've been there a number of times, and have never gotten any dishes as service. Work it, mom!

After dinner, we headed over to Dongdaemun Stadium. My mom's immediate reaction was, "정신 없어." Jeongshin eopseo. Basically, it was insanely chaotic.

I swear, my mom says the darnedest things. Some of the highlights include:

"I think 99% of the guys here are...you know what."
Translation: I think 99% of the guys here dress like a gay man.
- Said while cruising the men's section in one of those Dongdaemun malls -

- My mother openly gawking at a girl clad in a short mini dress, stilletto heels, and a plastic nose. -

"This is why no one will give Koreans drivers license."
- Said in the taxi on the way to Bundang -

"I feel like we're flying."
_ Also said in the taxi on the way back to Bundang -


bosule said...

hahahaha i love it. i love your mom! aw. seriously, TELL HER I MISS HER and that i'll call her when she gets back to hawaii. which is, when? can you email me, anna??? i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall! :)

Anonymous said...

hey hope your mom and your sister have a good time there
and tell your mom she so cute

InMySeoul said...

Those phrases are so funny.
I really like the "..."
I think I had the same reaction the first time I saw that too!