24 February 2008

Good Eats: Ddeok Sam

I know that I sort of swore off celebrity-owned restaurants, but this one's in my neighborhood. Plus, I didn't even know that he was a celebrity until Cyndi told me.

I still don't know this actor's name, but he's apparently appeared in a lot of sageuk, historical dramas. I don't know how he is as an actor, but he's definitely a great restaurateur. He's very attentive. He even goes around to all of the tables to replenish your garlic or lettuce supply.

There are many samgyupsal restaurants in Bundang, but I particularly enjoy Ddeok Ssam because service is great, portions are fairly generous, and you can wrap the samgyupsal in thinly sliced ddeok, Korean rice cakes.

Kang Ho Dong needs to take note.

You know the deal. Take a look at the video for more detail.

TAEIN oppa
: Don't you think the actor kind of looks like your dad?

Ddeok Ssam from Annalog on Vimeo

Speaking of celebrities, I spotted an adorable actress at the Coex Mall today.
엄마: It was the little girl from your favorite movie:

We wanted to take a photo with her because she's so cute, but we felt a little awkward. She was in the toy store just trying to be a regular kid. Instead, we just openly gawked at her. That's less awkward, right?


Kato said...

Glad you guys found a celebrity-owned restaurant that was worth the visit! The fact that he's the one personally serving people makes a difference I think - makes it feel more mom & pop. I don't know his work either, but the guy reminds me of my 삼촌. :P

By the way, I have to thank you for putting up the playlist of the songs you put in your videos. Otherwise I would've never heard of Sara Bareilles, since all they play here in Germany are the same old pop songs over and over again. How do you guys keep up with what's going on back home music/entertainment wise?

becca said...

mmm, looks delish.

hey, question. what kind of camera do you use to film these little exploits of yours??

anna said...

The Sara Bareilles album is great. I even bought the album from a legitimate store. I'm embarrassingly well read when it comes to American entertainment "news" thanks to a bunch of blogs. I also look up the playlists from radio stations back home to see what's current. I actually found Sara Bareilles from a random youtube video.

The actor looks like my 삼촌 as well. Maybe we're distantly related to this actor dude!

I use a simple Panasonic DMC-FX01 point-and-shoot camera. I have to admit that one of the reasons I got it was because it's pink, but I am very happy with the camera. The clarity of the screen is pretty sweet. My pictures are decent considering the fact that I have virtually no knowledge about photography. I just know: flash and no flash.

becca said...

haha, well color should always be the deciding factor! and pink, well that's just cute.

someone said...

He has a similar appearance, but not quite my father's stomach. ;) I can say this because my father will not see this. I'll just show him the photo and ask his opinion, when i get the chance. How is the weather there? Post some pictures, I'm curious as to how cold and snowy a Korean winter in Seoul is like.

js unnie said...

hey so where's the "soju"??... i guess u guys must have "tanked" it before filming eh?... hmmm did my sister know u guys were gonna eat samgyupsal?? i ask only cuz she's wearing white...lols.

f.y.i we had some "fried pork" recently at ian oppa's house. make sure u take him there - cuz yeah he'll enjoy it - tho u mite not wanna order too much soju ;) - actually maybe u shud tell him that they ran out...heehee (hey hopefully he doesn't see this comment!)