09 February 2008

More about Eyelash Extensions

I've gotten some inquiries about my fabulashes both online and offline, so I think it's time for me to blog a little more about the fabulous Ms. Summer, the 언니 responsible for my lash extensions.

Summer was previously working out of a salon who's name I will no longer mention. Unfortunately, the salon owner is a petty biatch so Summer has decided to take her business elsewhere. She's just not sure where. I'll let you know when she's found a regular work space. In the mean time, Summer's been trekking it to Bundang to maintain our lashes. Thanks, Summer! You are 최고!

By the way, fellas, Summer is single. Holla in the comments if you are a tall, employed, bachelor, with a good heart.

Here's Heng modeling Summer's handiwork.

I can't rave enough about these lash extensions. The application of the individual lash pieces can be quite time consuming (Summer is still a relative newbie at this, but the process can take about 1-1.5 hours). However, in my humble opinion, the ordeal is quite worth it. I recently looked at some old photos of myself, and realized that my fabulashes make a subtle, yet significant difference.

A number of people have asked Cyndi and me if our lashes our natural, and though we are tempted to say, yes, of course they are; I am greatly offended by your question, we end up telling them the truth: "We just use some really good mascara."


Maybe it's real, or maybe it's synthetic lashes painstakingly glued to my lash line.

I'm not sure about the consequences on my natural lashes, but I suppose I'll find out once I head back to California... As far as I can tell, my natural lashes haven't fallen out more than usual.

In addition to lash extensions, Summer is a skilled nail artist. Check out her skillz below.

Cyndi kindly captured a brief clip of Summer in action (as well as the big zit on my chin). I shamelessly sleep through most of the procedure, so overall it's quite an enjoyable experience for me; I wake up well-rested with voluminous lashes.


Anonymous said...

wow very cool thanks!!! :)

susan said...

hey anna, is summer accepting clients? I'm interested!

annalog said...

Sorry. Summer is no longer working in Seoul. If you live in the Bundang area, I can recommend a place in my neighborhood.

I've noticed that a number of places around Seoul seem to charge 50,000 won for the first session, and 25,000 for refills.

Let me know if you have an other questions. :)