14 February 2008

A "Love Song" from Annalog & Cyndi

In Korea, it is customary for the girl to give out chocolates to her special someone on Valentine's Day, while guys are expected to reciprocate on "White Day" on March 14th. If you don't get any love on Valentine's Day or White Day, then you're suppose to commiserate with your other single, loser friends over a bowl of black bean noodles on "Black Day" (April 14).

Looks like Cyndi and I will be eating some jajjang myun in April, because we are surrounded by a bunch of ajusshis and married people. We're definitely not giving out any chocolates this year.

Instead of chocolates, I've decided to send all my family & friends (and I guess a couple of random strangers) a little virtual video valentine.

Yes, it is another one of my zany music videos.

Now, before my mom can say, "this is why you two are single," I should note that I coerced Cyndi into participating in the video. She is normally not so yupki. She is a lovely, sane-minded young woman, who is normally above such foolishness and absurdity. It's just that she's a good sport, and I can be very intimidating. :)

If you were impressed by Cyndi's performance, and you are a charismatic young bachelor, 180 cm tall, at least 28 years old, employed, likes dogs, and possess a good sense of humor, then you should holla at Cyndi in the comments.

Hope you have a good Valentine's!

1 comment:

Kato said...

Happy Van Halentine's Day (think about it as a day to give out air guitars rather than chocolates - so much more awesome)!

Giving a holla at both you crazy kids! And what's wrong with being yupki? Well, at least Flat Eric and Domo-kun make such a nice couple! :P