11 February 2008

Good Eats: Roti Bun Challenge

While folks back home are just starting to ooh and aah over the Red Mango fro-yo trend, Koreans have already moved on to the next hot food item: roti buns.

Based on my source (i.e., google), the roti bun trend originated from Malaysia. The roti bun is a soft, butter-filled bread, topped with a sugary coffee-flavored crust. I also read that this bun is based on a Mexican recipe. So basically, roti bun is a Malaysian concoction based on a Mexican recipe, now sold in Korea. You got that?

A few months ago, two roti bun shops opened up in my neighborhood: Roti Boy and Papa Roti. They opened for business on the SAME DAY, and virtually just around the corner from each other. I'm no business major, but I suspect that such close competition does not make for good business.

Cyndi and I decided to do a little product comparison and give our expert opinions on which roti bun shop will prevail; a roti bun rumble, if you will.

Frankly, I don't think either shop will be around in a year's time because that's the way Korean businesses seem to roll.

I should note that I'm a little partial to Roti Boy, because they gave me a stamp card. (Arg, they trapped me with their stamp card!).


Jen said...

Yeah, they're pretty tasty. Parents keep bringing them to us.

I noticed those two shops go up and had a chuckle over Korean business "planning," too.

So far, I've been able to keep myself out of both shops (sweetened, butter-laden bread is a habit I really don't need to form), but I'm kind of hoping they disappear fast, so I won't have them staring me in the face.

anna said...

The enticing aroma of the roti bun is hard to resist, but power to you. I'm sure all that butter and sugar has got to be doing some damage!

Steven said...

mmmmm looks yummy.

joel smith said...

When Roti Boy opened on Bangkok's Silom Road and another near MBK, the lines were truly endless. Now they are non existant and when I asked the owner, he honestky just said that it was just a novelty and it quickly wore off.