03 September 2008

Moms Say the Darndest Things Part II

We just got back from Busan.

D'oh! My mom is turning out to be kind of a traveling liability. First of all, she keeps speaking English! She keeps blowing our cover as native Koreans. No one's going to give us a discount if they think we're Miguk sarams.

As my mom commented after a shady taxi ajusshi offered to take us on a private tour, "They know we're American because they can smell us...Not 'smell us' smell us. You know what I mean."

While in Busan, she actually got into a 모범 taxi even though I told her that it was more expensive. She says she didn't hear me. Oh, umma.

Sometimes it seems like I'm more Korean than my mom, especially when she orders rice to eat along with her samgyupsal. My sister and I practically have to drag her across the street, or else she'll be waiting at the sidewalk for an eternity as if the speeding Hyundais will at some point stop for her.

When I'm the more knowledgeable Korean, you know we're in trouble.

Traveling with my mom and sister is pretty hilarious. Here are a few more choice quotes from me dear umma.

Umma: "When we watch the TV we think they gotta change that."
Annalog: "Change what?"
Umma: "Everything."
-What my mom and eemo think when watching Korean news or programming.-

"All kind of bull sh*** coming to Hawaii."
-I don't remember the context of this quote, but it practically had me rolling on the floor.-

"I think [Korean] people can't believe I'm eating 회 (raw fish) without sool."
- My mom doesn't drink soju. I know. Sacrilegious.-

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InMySeoul said...

"She keeps blowing our cover as native Koreans."

That is hilarious. I think you could do a whole television show about that...lol

When my family came along I felt like a traveling petting zoo. I had my sister (who is korean) but also my mom, dad, and grandpa (all of whom are as white as they come, and all totally amazed and in awe..you know like walking around with their mouths open..lol). So where ever we went we had kids, teenagers, adults, and even old people coming up to us wanting to take pictures with the white people. They even did this in Seoul!!!