10 September 2008

Drive by Ranting: Pascucci

Annalog: Fruit shave ice hanayo.

Pascucci girl: Neh? (with a perplexed expression)

Annalog: Kwail shave ice.

Pascucci: Neh?

Annalog: (Points to large poster on the window) "Gelato Shaved Ice"

Pascucci: Ahhh...bingsu. Biiiiingsuuuuuuu-yo?

Annalog: (thinks internally) I knoooooooww. I am not an idiiiiiiottttttttt.

Annalog: (says aloud) Neh.

I can forgive a place for calling bingsu "shaved iced" instead of "shave ice" or "shaved ice", but I cannot forgive them for treating me like an idiot when I order their so-called "shaved iced" instead of crappy bingsu, which it essentially is. If you had advertised it as "bingsu" I would have ordered "bingsu", beeyatch.

Usually I return the tray to the designated area, but that day, I left the whole mess on the outdoor table. That'll show them.


InMySeoul said...

That is hilarious. I ran into that all the time. I totally agree, if they put up the poster that says "shaved ice" they should understand it when someone orders it as "shaved ice"!!

Boy, you showed them!!! maybe next time they'll think twice!!lol

Cheri said...

Bingsoo is sooo not shave ice!
Ah, B&S...Baldwins...Matsumotos flashbacks.