08 September 2008

It's Not Hyorish!+

Despite it's appallingly bad title, I finally caved and bought Lee Hyori's new album It's Hyorish. I know. I know. I too can barely think the name without my eyes rolling towards the back of my head. Even though I had let the ear worm "U-Go Girl" invade my head, I hadn't intended to buy Hyori's album (even if she did pose in front of a Love's Bakery truck). But, then, I heard a sampling of her songs while shopping in Myeongdong, and found myself liking what I heard.

I remember that back in the day, when Hyori first went solo, they used to compare her to J-Lo. I think the comparison is quite apt. Hyori's music, if I may call it that, is simply ear candy; not wholesome for the soul, but undeniably enjoyable. If you can accept the strategically catchy beats, (eh, how should I put this) curious Engrish, and highly produced vocals, then I think you may find a surprisingly appealing album. It's very conducive to staring mindlessly out the bus window during rush hour traffic.

Anyway, in case you're curious, I've uploaded the songs to imeem so that you can take a listen. Really, it's not that bad.

Its Hyorish


someone said...

i want!!!!!

InMySeoul said...

Thanks for the upload samples. Makes it easier to think about buying cds when you've heard the songs before you buy em. Korean CDs are expensive in the states...lol

I personally really like Younha. I think she's really talented.