09 October 2008

I Can Do Whatever I Like (T.I. Says It's O.K.)

I've sort of trapped myself into a terrible, terrible sleep pattern. I would like to blame it on jet lag, but I've been back in the States for nearly two weeks, so I'll need to find another excuse. I basically can't fall sleep until around 4 AM, which means that I end up sleeping until noon. This also means that I end up missing breakfast! I'm supposed to have three square meals a day. This is no good.

I've been trying to push myself into a non-vampire like sleep schedule, but I'm traveling to Hawaii in a couple of weeks, and then back to the Motherland in a month and a half. Perhaps all my efforts will be in vain?

It's now 2:45 am, and I've spent the last thirty minutes watching Weird Al music videos on youtube. (Thanks a lot, Wired Magazine.)

Anyway, my whole reason for posting was to inform you that Weird Al just released a parody of T.I.'s hit, "Whatever You Like." Oh, Weird Al, you are one funny dude.

Good Night, America. Good Morning, Motherland.


Ian said...

I can't wait for you to come home...I'll take you to a good lunch or dinner and we go cruise.

Ian Oppa

heng said...

Hi, Anna ,Cyndi & ian oppa ^^
I also wanna go to Hwaii ,,keke..
Good night (in Korea)

InMySeoul said...

I have a suggestion for you. I used to fly from the US to africa and back and to Korea on a monthly basis. I know its not quite as bad, but I feel like I have a little experience..

Its going to be tough but your going to have to force yourself to just wake up ealier every day. I know it sounds simple, and I know its not. But go to bed when your tired, then set your alarm for 11 AM the first day (or if your a real trooper then 7AM or 8AM). Then all day struggle to stay awake. The best way is to plan to hang out with a bunch of friends...they'll help you stay awake...then crash at like 7 or 8 PM...you wont have any problems sleeping then...lol

ian said...

Heng...you are welcome ANYTIME!!! (Just give us advanced notice hehe!)

Ian Oppa