26 October 2008

Movies for Ajumma

My mom and emo wanted to watch a movie, so they asked me too find out what's playing inthe theaters. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of ajumma friendly stuff out there. Amidst all the horror flicks and action/suspense films, I managed to pick out a couple of contenders:


The Secret Life of Bees

I show the beginning of the trailer to my emo, and her immediate comment is, "It's PG-13? That's for kids." My emo walks away, so I show my mom the trailer. She comments, "It's PG-13. That's for kids." Apparently, my mom and emo like their movies a little less kid friendly.

My mom then goes on for a bit about a film that she and emo saw months ago, (they were taken in by the film poster). At that time, my mom just called it the movie where the guy sits on a bus. I had no idea what she was talking about, but today, I realized that she was talking about Into the Wild.

As I search for the next film option, my mom declares that Into the Wild was about a genius and tells me that she and emo want to watch something similar, i.e., a film based on a true story.

So, let's recap. They want a dirty movie, somewhat based on a true story. Beverly Hill Chihuahuas? Max Payne? Eagle Eye? (Heck no). The Duchess? Bingo!

The Duchess

I show my mom the trailer for The Duchess. She seems really engrossed, so I think we have a winner. At the end of the trailer, I ask her, "What do you think?" She looks at me blankly. Then, I ask, "Did you understand their British accents?"

"Not really."

Back to the drawing board...

There's actually only one film out right now that mom and emo would enjoy. I knew this from the beginning, but since I didn't see it in the theater listings, I didn't mention it. I decide to show my mom the trailer for The Changeling. "Ooh, I like that movie," she exclaims even though she has yet to see the film.

Sadly, The Changeling is in limited release and hasn't made it to our local theaters.

Why is there so much crapola in the theaters? Hollywood, you need to pay attention. You seriously need to tap into the ajumma market. Here's what you need to do: Make a based-on-a-true story about a poor person who moves up in the world, but then encounters some tragic end. Please exclude nudity, foul language, and British accents.

Until then, my mom and emo are going to stick to their Korean DVDs.


danihenney said...

The Express?? based on true story.. go support a brotha~ kekeke

InMySeoul said...

Thats hilarious!

Good suggestion dan. It meets all of the requirements listed, however I dont think ajummas would be very interested in the football aspect of things.

You should just go out and rent that movie with Will Smith about the really poor guy who moves up in the world? I forgot the name.

Ive been on a Korean Drama binge lately. Ive watched "Im Sorry I Love You", almost done with "Attic Cat", and continuing to watch "You are my Destiny". They are so much more enjoyable then anything on our TV or movies.

If you havent watched "Im sorry I Love You" I would highly recommend it. As a self proclaimed Korean Drama coniseour, its the best drama Ive seen in a long time. It has some of the typical Korean Drama plot (all of the love triangle stuff), but less than usual and then there is an awesome ending!

Angel4e said...

I've been in a K-drama binge lately also. East of Eden is currently first on my list, cause the subs for We got Married show are uploaded at the end of the week or so :)