05 May 2009

"No Ignorant Men Wanted"

My cousin VP was looking through the Work 'n' Play forums and came across this great posting under Networking Abroad > Make Friends and Meet People.

The post, entitled, "my korean bf recently broke up with me" was topped by a modest sel-ca photo, followed by this caption:

my korean bf recently broke up with me for a thinner korean girl. i'm tired of korean men. i want to date a white man. Just i'm a university student- so i have time on weekends and evenings only. I only want educated person like minimum bachelor degree so if you are a soldier that is ok, but you must have at least college degree, no ignorant men wanted. i prefer engineer, lawyer or teacher in korea. my number is 010-XXXX-XXXX. thanks, my name is eui -XXXX

I like this girl. She knows what she wants and ain't afraid to say it.
Power to you, sister.

1 comment:

Kato said...

And Ko-bros wonder why we get such a bad rap. More power to this girl. I wish her luck,, although her post would kind of be like me putting one up saying, "hey, no crazy chicks."