09 February 2009

Cafe Candids

I met up with Heng a couple of weekends ago. She took me to a cafe in Sangsu (Hongdae-ish area) where we had coffee and choco-banana muffins from the back of an old Volkswagen van.

I love kitschy Korean cafes.

This muffin was so darn good.

The barista works from inside the van.

Heng is so pro at posing. I need to learn from her.


heng said...

The name of the cafe is "HoHo Myoll", 호호미욜 ...
Anna.. come over this weekend~~
miss u

Piggy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

danihenney said...

any updates on the fit club?
check it out, 11 yr old teacher

InMySeoul said...

It seems like your photos are going "retro".

Have you changed a setting on your camera?