18 February 2009

"It's Better"

I went to E-mart last week and was surprised to find that American beef had finally hit the chain stores.

I don't know if you can see the sticker at the top left corner of the package, but the slogan reads, "It's better."

Come on now, American beef industry.
You had folks in Korea demonstrating for nearly a year over the importation of American beef (amongst other things), and your reply to Korean consumers is: It's better!?!

I'm American, and even I'm offended.
Buzz words like "Well-being", "Organic", or "Skin Whitening" are effective, not "It's better."

In my opinion, the packages of American beef looked much more fatty and unappealing than the Hoju beef in the adjoining cooler.

Let's forget about American beef, and focus on importing some other American goods, like Captain Crunch or Funyuns.


InMySeoul said...

I guess it depends on your definition of "better".

Just because it looks fattier doesn't mean its worse. Ribeye, NY strip, T-Bone, are some of the most expensive cuts of beef, and all have a big chunks of fat in them. Usually the higher fat content cuts are more expensive because its the fat that actually gives the flavor.

although I would agree that using "Its better" is probably not the best marketing ploy...I'd probably use "It's Cheaper!" as Koreans seem to love saving money.

Hyakko said...

the reason they use "Its Better" is because, it is better. The type of meat, once imported to Korea from the USA, were really bad. there are different grades of meat, 8 USDA(prime, choice, select, etc). Of which, only the lowest grades were sent to Korea. So those who remember having US beef, recall bad tasting meat. "Its Better" is aimed at consumers who've had the bad beef. Importers now choose the higher quality meats, actually better than Korean beef, so I've been told.

Jen said...

It was mad, now it's better... :-)