15 February 2009

Mouse without a Tail

불면증 - 다이내믹 듀오 (ft.바비킴)
"Insomnia" - Dynamic Duo (ft. Bobby Kim)

Most Korean music videos fall under one of these categories:

- Justin Timberlake Rehashed
- Hearts + Lollipops + Mini Skirts
- Rainy & Melodramatic
- Photo Slideshow

As much as I love Korean MVs, they can be a little predictable. Recently, however, I came across the MV for
불면증 by 다이내믹 듀오 (ft.바비킴). I was taken with the stop-motion animation entitled "Mouse Without A Tail" about a Mouse that runs a computer mouse and his lonesome life of soju and drudgery.

Check it out if you're interested:

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american said...

i just realized that u skipped valentines day, with no comment. Hmm, don't they celebrate it Korea? and what about you???