23 February 2009

Spring Fashion in the Motherland

If you're like me and enjoy looking at pictures of fashionable people that are not models, you might want to pick up the March issue of Vogue Girl Korea. This month's issue comes with a special compilation of street fashion featuring the photos of Jak & Jill.

I usually save Korean fashion magazines for when I'm getting my hair done, but I do occasionally pick up Vogue Girl for their features on Korean fashion. I particularly like a section called "Fashion Blender" which I suspect is an advertorial (basically advertisements for various Korean "shopping malls"), that offers a nice glimpse of the trends in Korean fashion for young women.

I like the styling in Korean "shopping malls", i.e., online boutiques. They look like someone's fashion blog. I find photos very appealing. Here are a few online stores that have caught my attention:

Speaking of fashion, I'm sure you want to know what's hot right now.
photo source for tulle skirt, photo source for everything else

Ribbon Headbands (Very Gossip Girl)

Headbands with Feathers and Other Bedazzled Goodies

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats with Large Floral Ornaments

Fake Pearls

Tulle Skirts

Okay, you got me. These aren't the hottest trends per se; just the trend items that I like (In fact, I have that exact skirt in the polaroid above, only I paid more in Dongdaemun. Aish!). My personal tastes aside, the ballet girl/ princess look seems to be a big trend for the spring. The Alexander Wang look (black-gray-white color scheme, black leggings, blazers, leather accessories, and sky-high heels) also seems to be another prominent trend, though not my cup of tea.

Oh, look at me advising people on fashion. Hehehe.

Okay, now back to educating young minds...


Uncle duc said...

Hi anna

I miss you!!

Gerry said...

Those hairbands are so Blair from GG. There are a few stores that sells ballet shoes like that. I know there is a store that has outlets in Myeungdong and Insadong that specialises in those ballet flats. It's called BB-Something. They also sell tights and do have a small selection of pumps and boots. Sorry I'm not more helpful with the name.

bo said...

cute shoes! haha. i just blogged Nani emo's article on newshankuk.com. that's so awesome. but why don't i see your photo anywhere in the article??? instead there's that other teacher. meh.

Gerry said...

Thanks for those recommended online fashion stores. I have already made purchases last weekend from Pastar and C-Choutte. What have you gotten me into?! : )

Lucbabe said...

hi, interesting blog you have! I loved the korean blogs u recommended. I am from Singapore, and am wondering whether these blogs do international shipping? I cant read korean, so don't know how to navigate the websites.


annalog said...

I haven't tried shopping online in Korea, but I hear that gmarket now ships internationally. Gmarket is one of the largest online retailers in South Korea. Almost like ebay, I think.