12 November 2007

"American Slang" - Definitions

Here are the definitions -- verbatim. Well, except for the comments in PURPLE.
  • sweet man (or papa) n phr esp black A male lover. Best be careful with your use of the phrase, "sweet old man", esp black.
  • sweat hog 1 n phr college students A heavy and unattractive woman 2 n phr A sexually promiscuous woman Unattractive, yet promiscuous? The ideal girl for sleazy frat boys across America?
  • Feeb or Feebie n An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; =G-MAN: the agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation, whom they call "Feebs" --FC Shapiro/ our heroes, the feebs, however --Village Voice/ make sure the Feebies didn't get any credit for it --Patrick Mann I know that this slang was used before Friends, but do you think people in the 80's ever heard of the word "feeble".
  • jiggery-pokery n fr late 1800s British Deception; trickery; =SKULLDUGGERY: could have prevented most of the jiggery-pokery--New Yorker [fr Scottish joukery-paukery fr jouk "trick"] I always thought that Scottish was English with a heavy brogue. I never though of English words (albeit America-English) originating from Scottish.
  • double bagger n esp teenagers A very ugly person; =TWO-BAGGER [fr the fact that one needs two bags to obscure the ugliness, one to go over the subject's head and one over one's own head] Oh, snap!

This edition of American Slang was published in 1987. I was alive for most of the eighties. Granted that it was pretty unlikely for me to encounter slang like "sweet papa" or "sweat hog" on the playground, but I have never encountered any of these terms before. Have you?

Most of these terms are disgustingly derogatory, and I don't plan on using them. But, I have to admit that "double bagger" is pretty amusing.
Yo' mama is a double bagger. She's so ugly that she has to wear a paper bag on her head. Then, for safe measure, I have to put a bag over my head to block out all that ugliness.

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Song said...

Sweat hog could be a reference to the sit com Welcome Back Kotter. Which was the name of the gang John Travolta was in...my god I'm old.

There is actually Triple and Quadruple baggers. We used to the "bagger" slang on the playground along with this sunny statement "beauty may be skin deep but ugly goes down to the bone"...we were pretty superficial in the 80's. Can you tell?