30 November 2007

"It's like Korea, only Japanese."

That's a direct quote from Cyndi.

We arrived in Tokyo. Yay! As Cyndi noted, Tokyo feels very similar to Korea, but is also quite different. I don't mean to offend the Motherland, but it's much cleaner here, and people seem to be much more polite. I haven't heard so many "Excuse me" (sumimasen) in such a long time. I guess I've become accustomed to all the passive aggressive pushing and shoving on the mean streets of Seoul.

This whole trip to Tokyo was sort of thrown together at the last minute. We've come to Tokyo with no concrete plan. In fact, Cyndi even bought a Tokyo guide book from Kyobo Bookstore called No Plan, No problem! Unfortunately, we lost the book at the subway station.

No worries though. We're doing surprisingly well, given our little knowledge of Japan and the Japanese language.

Tonight, we're staying at Capsule Inn Akihabara. It's pretty cool. I will of course, take lots of photos.

Soreja mata.

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