06 November 2007

Insadong: Well-Being Soju and Batting Practice

이모부: 걱정하지마세요. 학교를 촣아해요. Just sometimes, 학생들이 귀찮아요.

I hate having such a hateful post at the top of my blog, so here are some pics from a recent late night trek to Insadong.

Insadong is well known for its trendy offering of traditional Korean culture. Full of galleries, antique shops, handicrafts, and traditional tea shops, Insadong offers traditional culture with a modern aesthetic. Unfortunately, we got there too late to appreciate any of that.

This is apparently the only Starbucks cafe in Korea with its name written in Hangul. The rest of the cafes feature the name in English.

We stopped in at a little Korean pub and tried some Daepo. It's vaguely similar to white wine, or as Bo unnie explained to me, it's like well-being soju and filled with flowers and ginko biloba... or something like that.

We also ordered a plate of seafood and green onion Korean pancake. I found a piece of plastic in the pancake, so the owner gave us a kimchi pancake.

I was kind of hoping for something a little more different, but who am I to complain about free food?

After eating all those pancakes, we made a quick stop at the batting cages. 500 won (approx. 50 cents) for each round.

Sadly, all that Wii Baseball has done nothing to improve my pathetic batting skills.

Cyndi is the queen of batting. You can tell from her proper stance that she means business.

I think that Bo would make a better outfielder. Or, she'd be really good at dodge ball.

Even though Heng is so gangster, she held the bat very delicately. I think someone's being a little 내숭...


ajak said...

내숭? u must be beat by me. kkk

PP said...

Can you please tell me the direction for the batting practice please?
I am searching in Seoul.

Thanks! Nice blog! I will try Daepo next time!