20 November 2007


It's snowing!
Call me an ignorant, warm-climate baby, but is it supposed to snow before December? Shouldn't snow come after turkey and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Does this mean that hell has frozen over or is this one of the consequences of all that global warming that those celebrities keep taking about? I better start driving an electric car and start wearing more green, stat!

The excitement of the first snow made me temporarily forget that I am freezing my booty off in sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures. I'll have to save my cold weather gripes for another day...

The snow is not very thick. It's more like a flurry of slush; similar to Ice Palace, except much, much colder.

Are rain boots appropriate for snowy weather?

Snow makes Cyndi want to dance. Quick! Someone play some "Tell Me."

Who do these little prints belong to?

It's Gummy, the jittery malteseish fashionista.

We are dog sitting for Cyndi's co-worker for the next two weeks. Gummy's dad found her a few weeks ago. It looks like Gummy was abandoned at the park. I know! It's heart breaking to think about the number of dogs abandoned once they've out grown their owner's purses. Dang, that Paris Hilton and her tiny little dogs! She's turned dogs into a trendy accessory.

Gummy is a little paranoid (abandonment issues and all), but she is well-tempered. Everyone say hi or 안녕 to Gummy. She's bi-lingual, and hopes to eventually pick up some Spanish.

Just to warn you, this blog will probably feature a lot more Gummy and a lot less semi-interesting activity. It's too cold to leave the apartment. Plus, I will be swamped with work for the rest of the year! (Sounds so much more dramatic when I put it that way).


wordtophelpscollins said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies!

Anonymous said...

stop kissing a##, it's pretty pathetic

anna said...

Why so grumpy, anonymous?

wordtophelpscollins: Thanks! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!