25 November 2007

Put some pants on.

Dear Ladies of Seoul,

Put some pants on.
As Gummy will attest to, it is far too cold to wear a mini skirt or hot pants.

Sure, I know you have your little sheepskin-lined boots on, but unless those Uggs go up to your thighs, there's no excuse for you to wear such mini articles of clothing. It is winter for goodness sake! Lindsey and Paris can get away with such foolishness, because they live in L.A. You, girlfriend, live in Korea.

I see you running around the streets of Seoul, pretending not to be affected by the cold, but, girl, who you foolin'?

I see you walking briskly, trying to act like you're in a rush, when you're really just trying to keep your legs from going numb.

I see you walking amidst large crowds, hoping that those bundled up strangers will block out some of the cold.

I see you trying to block the wind with your shopping bags.

I see you huddling with your equally silly girlfriends.

A good pair of tights may keep you warm, but not if you're wearing a mini skirt!

Despite all of that, I know how you're really feeling. I wear about five layers of clothing, and I'm still freezing my bum off. I am admittedly less tolerant of the cold than you are, but look at any of the gentlemen next to you. Do you see any of them in slippers and khaki shorts?

Even the dudes in Cake know better. At the very least, short skirts should be accompanied by a loooooooooooooooong jacket.

Seriously, put some pants on. You're making me feel cold.


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