04 December 2007

Back from Japan

Japan was fabulous. I have lots of pics, plus a couple of videos, which I will post later this week.

Cyndi's Tokyo Top 5
  1. Finding Domokun
  2. Eating real Japanese ramen
  3. Overnight in a capsule hotel
  4. Japanese crepes
  5. Getting nekkid in the bath house
Anna's Tokyo Top 5
  1. Getting my stinky feet nibbled by "doctor fish"
  2. Yukata robes
  3. Smooth, clean sidewalks
  4. Tokyo architecture
  5. Japanese salmon


yks said...

Not to say you both are old or anything but why do you both look so young in the pictures with domokun?

anna said...

It's the special photo booth lighting. It washes out all blemishes and wrinkles. It's like magic!

domoluv said...

^what wrinkles?!!!

I Got Major Dome said...

maybe because they are posing with childrens toys!

ZenKimchi said...

You know there are also Dr. Fish cafes in Korea--so you don't have to leave it in Tokyo.

anna said...

Thanks for the tip. I just hope my feet aren't as shamefully filthy as they were in Japan!