10 December 2007

Hey Santa

Dear Santa,

I think it's pretty fair to say that I've been a pretty good girl this year. I mean, granted, I most recently helped some of Seoul's most privileged children "fix up" their college application essays thereby promoting social Darwinism, but I think we're allowed a few transgressions. I mean, you, after all, condone bribery (what do you call those cookies and milk?) and reward good behavior through the promise of material goods.

I'm usually not big on gifts, but after checking out all the toys in Tokyo, I have to admit that there are some pretty cool things out there, especially in Japan. To make things easier for you this year, I've compiled a video wish list. Please view at your convenience.


FAMILY: I'm just kidding. I do NOT actually want any of these things... even though they are pretty cool :)

1 comment:

supah kawaii~ said...

Nani? I can't believe Domokun is not on your wish list!!!