23 December 2007

Ho Ho Ho!


In lieu of gifts, this year, Cyndi & I have made a music video expressing our warmest holiday wishes. I initially planned to piece together a Christmas medley from our recent trip to the norae-bang, so trust me, this video could have been way more embarrassing!

I know that this sort of foolishness is one of the reasons why I'm often mistaken for a 16-year-old, but I can't seem to help myself :)

So, to my dear family, friends, and the random few strangers who stumble across my blog while searching for the meaning of double bagger or tips on what to wear to a Korean wedding, I wish you all a melekelikimaka and a happy new year!

Special THANKS to my sister for the fleece PJs, as featured in the music video. They are very comfy. (By the way, the polar bear hat that I'm wearing in the video is for you.)

Without further ado, click on the video to see some Christmas silliness.

Henney also wishes you all a Merry Christmas (Thanks, Daniel!).



cyndsan said...

cheng pi hahm ni da...Anna, u better take me on that trip you promised!! v^__^ ㅋㅋ

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

internet said...

ha ha ha, loved the video. New stars are born. u should send it in to "funniest videos". Have a merry Christmas!!

taein opa said...

previous post is me. :)

anna said...

Thanks for your comments, Taein oppa! Hope you have a good christmas as well, even though there's no Monopoly this year.

Please wish your parents a merry Christmas for us!

ajak said...

Cool !!
surely, u guys are American cute psycho ~


Merry Christmas

taein mom and dad said...

여기 외숙모 .. 외삼춘 말씀 음악 잘듣고 잘보았다 . 계속 건강하고 즐겁게 보래라 ... 새해 복 많이 받아라 . 하와이에서 독수리 외숙모 . One finger typing that is doksuri typing. Merry Christmas!

wordtophelpscollins said...

lucky exercise ball - Just Kidding! That was perv. Merry Christmas!

Song said...

I know two cousins with WAY too much time on their hands...er...paws.

Merry Christmas to you both. I miss you both even more now that I know you are mentally disabled.


anna said...

Merry Christmas, Song! Dang, this is blog is turning to a virtual reunion spot for all of my internet savvy family members :)

It only took us about 15 minutes to make the video, but you're probably right about the mental part!

Please send your parents our best wishes. Happy New Year!

- anna