16 December 2007

Another Haircut!

Cyndi and I went back to Lee Chul HairKerker for a trim.

This is how we looked fresh off the boat, so to speak.


I love the Korean photo booths, but I still haven't figure them out. I know this makes me sound really lame, but I find them quite complicated. You can enhance your photos with all sorts of adornments: stamps, borders, backgrounds, etc. The options can be overwhelming. We went a little overboard this time around.

The machine featured below allows you to apply "makeup" to your photos, though neither Cyndi nor I managed to figure out the application until after we printed the photos. I especially like this machine, because there doesn't seem to be any sort of time limit.


internet said...

Nice blog. New hair cut looks good. Take care from Hawaii, your wonderful cousin Richard. :)

anna said...

Thanks, cousin! How long are you in Hawaii? How's life?
You should come and visit.