07 December 2007


A couple of months ago, I saw these boxes while riding the subway train, and it made me very sad.

All three boxes contained puppies. They cried throughout the train ride. It was heartbreaking.

These puppies were likely taken to some busy shopping area to be sold on the street.

I can't say that puppy mills and this mass sale of puppies do not happen in America. The puppy business is a huge deal in many parts of the world, but seeing these puppies stuffed into boxes made me feel awful. I may be ignorant, but I think that commercial dog breeding and the sale of dogs are much more regulated in the States. At least I hope so. I see dozens and dozens of puppies sold on the streets of Seoul, and I can't imagine that all of them are sold, especially at $200 - 400 a dog. I wonder what happens to the dogs that become too old or big to be marketable. (I don't want to hear any cracks about Koreans eating dogs.)

We stumbled across a couple of legitimate pet stores in Tokyo. Of course the prices were extremely high, but at least I knew that these dogs were kept in a clean and humane environment.

Anyway, as I get off my moral high horse, why don't you check out these ADORABLE puppies!

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