03 July 2008

Alex: My Vintage Romance

I wanted to share my latest CD purchase. It's rather ironic that I buy CDs in a land where it takes less than 10 seconds to download an MP3. I don't usually buy albums, but I've been a fan of Alex's vocals since I first heard him as part of Clazziquai. I also like the presentation of CD albums in Korea. Is it too weird to admit that I like the fancy paper used in album booklets? Most Korean albums also come with a little extra something for the fans. Alex's album, for example, comes with a "photowall." Too be honest, I don't know what I'll do with these photos, but I appreciate the option.

Nowadays, Alex's popularity has skyrocketed with his participation in a celebreality show called 우리결혼했어요 (We Got Married).

Alex's overly romantic TV persona is a little too much for me, but I am definitely enjoying his efforts on his first solo album My Vintage Romance.

Alex's first solo album fits nicely within the Korean ballad genre, but also flirts with a little more rhythm and soul. In addition to a couple of featured rappers, the album includes a few songs most likely inspired by Stevie Wonder. If you've ever been to a noraebang, you know that Koreans love Stevie Wonder. (As does most of the world.)

I think that My Vintage Romance would make the perfect OST for some sad, romantic K-drama (Is that redundant?). Half of the songs are perfect for that requisite scene when the male and female protagonists ride their bicycles blissfully through the country side. The rest of the songs would play in the background as the protagonist sits in front of a rain splattered window, reminiscing about key moments in the drama (for the umpteenth time).

If you'd like to sample Alex's album, check out Cyndi's "Alex" playlist on imeem. My favorite songs thus far are 화분, 기분좋은날, 그대라면, and Waltz Lesson.


Cheri said...

Thanks for posting this... it was nice to sample the album. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the album... i was looking some information of it since I heard singing Alex in the TV show "We got married". Thanks a lot!!

Diyn said...

Thank you for this. I was wondering whether to buy this album or not, and now I'm convinced that it's definitely worth it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

How much is the album in korea currently? I can't find this album in my country...
wanna get 1 of this CD.