23 July 2008

Summer Beauty Buys: Cyndi's Picks

Here are Cyndi's recommended beauty buys for the summer.

Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Spray (purchased at Watsons in Singapore)
The mosquitoes seem to luvvvvvv Cyndi. Instead of walking around swathed in a big mosquito net, she makes an effort to protect herself with this spray on repellent by Tiger Balm.

VICHY Myokine Intensive Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream (purchased at some drugstore in Seoul)
Cyndi's had several eye creams in rotation, but her current favorite is this eye cream from Vichy. Neither of us knows what "Myokine" is, but it sounds impressive. Cyndi reports that since using this cream, she's noticed less "white bumps" under her eyes. Sounds like the Myokine is kicking butt. Cyndi also likes to use the "Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream" by Simple, in case you were wondering.

Olay White Radiance "Crystal Clear Lotion" (purchased at Tokyo Drugstore in Taipei)
It looks like a toner, but it's a lotion. Cyndi suspects that this "Crystal Clear Lotion" is what Koreans call "skin." Or maybe"essence." Truthfully, we don't know. It comes in a pretty bottle and doesn't make her break out; that's all that matters.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner (purchased at Watsons in Singapore)
Cyndi likes this toner because it's 100% alcohol and fragrance free. It is indeed "simple." After cleansing her face, Cyndi gently runs toner across her face using a cotton pad. Then, she applies one of her eye creams and dabs the Olay Crystal Clear Lotion all across her face. Cyndi has pretty nice skin, so perhaps I need to use toner as well.

Provice Star Shine Hair Mist (Missa)
The "nutritive system" of this hair mist is supposed to make your hair "elastic" and "vital." I'm not sure what that means, but I hope it means that your hair is less likely to melt off once it's been hit by a downpour of Seoul's tainted rain water. In any case, it has a nice fragrance. Cyndi purchased the mist based on a recommendation by her co-worker. Plus, the spray was on sale for about 2000 won.

Given the number of lotions, masks, and cleansers Cyndi has acquired since our sojourn to Korea, her list of beauty buys is quite modest. I think I may have to get her to put together content for a second list. Or maybe she just wants to keep all her beauty secrets to herself. 그렇지, Cyndi?


Fiona said...

What kind of scent does the mosquito repellent spray have?

annalog said...

I actually spelled it for the first time last night. It's pretty overwhelming. It spelled like lemon scented toxic fumes. If I were a mosquito, I would definitely stay away from such a scent.

Cyndi said...

ㅋㅋ sorry~ i forgot how strong it was. didn't mean to spray it up ur 콧구멍. ^^;;

annalog said...

Oops. I meant "smelled" not "spelled." I've known how to spell repellent for awhile now.