31 July 2008

BB Cream Week: M.D. Formula Nutritious B.B. Cream by It's Skin

When we first hopped on the B.B. Cream bandwagon (before we became entrenched in the seedy beauty underworld of eyelash extensions and chemical peels), we used the M.D. Formula Nutritious B.B. Cream by It's Skin. We were hooked by the fact that it was "dermatologist tested," but now I know that most of the B.B. creams have been tested by a paid professional. In fact, the "Clinically tested" thing is sort of It's Skin's shtick, part of their whole branding. Anyway, it's been a while since we've used It's Skin's BB Cream, so we decided to examine the sample packet once again, only this time, with much more knowledge and expertise (haha).

VIDEO (Watch the magic unfold before your very eyes):
Here's a brief video demonstration. I just reviewed all of my BB cream videos on jumpcut and realize that the results of the BB creams are barely perceptible. I swear that the effects are much more apparent in iMovieHD.

Before we knew better, we sent a couple of friends their own tubes of It's Skin's "Nutritious B.B. Cream." All we have to say is, sorry, friends. We realize now that the B.B. Cream is mediocre. To begin with, if you're trying to cover up any of the more brazen pimples, you'll need to dab on some extra BB cream. More than anything, the cream simply made my complexion go from inherently pale to wan. The cream is also slightly drying on my skin, and doesn't stay on very long. On the other hand, my sister and our friends back in the Homeland seem to like It's Skin's BB Cream, so it may just not be right for my skin. If I remember correctly, It's Skin's BB Cream is in the man-won price range, so one of the pluses, is that it's a good bargain.

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