29 July 2008

BB Cream Week: Let Me Finish by Banila Co.

Both Cyndi and are regular users of today's featured B.B. Cream "Let Me Finish" by Banila Co.

My pimples tends to hang around my cheek and lip area. You may not be able to see them in this photo, but trust me, they're there.

I know that the difference appears faint in this after shot, but if you look closely, the dark spots on my cheeks have diminished a tad. I know that my head is a shade lighter than my body, but that's acceptable in Korea :)

VIDEO (Watch the magic unfold before your very eyes):
I'd like to note that jumpcut seems to soften the video, so our complexions seem much cleaner in the video. You should see the footage in HD...

Despite it's odd name "Let Me Finish," has become a favorite because it goes on smoothly, does an adequate job of covering blemishes, and doesn't whiten your complexion as severely as other BB Creams that we've tried. One of the noticeable flaws is that "Let Me Finish" smells a little like a baby's bottom (only without the baby powder), but the scent quickly fades once you've applied the cream. The cream doesn't last, so you'll need to reapply if you want all-day coverage.


Anonymous said...


my comment doesn't really apply to this post - BUT i didn't know how else to send this message to u... so i guess every "tom, dick, and harry" - along with kims, ims, parks, and yis and all your millions of fans - including me, will have to read this.

anyhoos i just wanted to say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for the panda board. it was exactly what i wanted - i was in shock wen i saw jim and she gave me all that stuff. so a big shout out to my two favorite dohnsengs in korea!!... and when and if you come to visit - def. will buy you dinner, and i'm talking about at a place withOUT a "drive-thru".

have a great week!!! *^____^*


annalog said...

Glad you liked the white board.
You forgot my email address!?! I'll send you some spam mail :)

Place without drive-thru? Let me guess, the Zippy's in Kahala?

annalog said...


나는 spicy tuna at Genki's, Momi tea, and Lava cake! 아! 그리고 Fook Yuen, pho, dim sum, & spicy papaya salad 먹고싶어. MmmMmmm~ arigatOoo! ;)ㅎㅎ