01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I had to work on New Year's eve and am working on New Year's Day. That's right, everyone. Please feel sorry for me. Just kidding. New Year's Eve was quite low key. After work, I went to my cousin N's house to ring in the New Year. I don't have much to report today, but you'll have to stay tune in for next time, when I'll write about the Alex/Lena Park concert and how I got to meet Alex.

I hope this new year brings you peace, love, happiness, and good eats!

And now, I leave you with how I spent the first few minutes of 2009 (I can't help it! I'm like a moth to a flame...)


Anonymous said...

seh heh bohk mahni ba duh!!

Angel4e said...

Not bad!
The Nobody's song part wasn't good, but the others were just fine.

Happy New Year Annalog!
How was the atmosphere there?

InMySeoul said...

Does Korea celebrate the New Years as big as in the US? I know that they celebrate the Lunar New Year with like a weeks worth of vacation.

I don't blame you, I would have watched it too! Yubin is awesome! I am totally fascinated with female Korean singers who can rap. Yubin is good, but I think Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls is better! :P

annalog said...

Koreans do celebrate the solar new year. It's not as a big of deal as the lunar new year (Jan 1 is more new school), but I think that most families make it point to eat ddeok-gook (rice cake soup) in the morning. I try to avoid going out on any major holidays, but I think there were lots of people out and about around city hall. At the stroke of midnight, instead of watching a ball drop, Koreans ring a very large bell for good look. I think this must be a Buddhism-related custom?

the question girl said...

Good look?? U mean to look good?
Isn't it at sunrise, rather than midnight?

ImKorean said...

The bell rings 33 times.
It has both racial and buddhism meaning.