05 January 2009

Korean Hip Hop - Translated

Please excuse all the forthcoming youtube links. Once a month I spend a number of hours surfing youtube, jumping from one "related video" to the next. Tonight was one of those nights.

In case you're interested in k-pop (particularly hip hop) you might want to check out The Asian Mission.

According to his or her youtube profile:

"[The Asian Mission] is not Korean, I'm white American living in Korea, self-taught in Korean. My Korean isn't perfect yet but my reading's fairly solid. A lot of my older translations could still use some touch-ups."

I came across TheAsianMission's videos while searching for Epik High's newest album. I have yet to check out all of his/her videos, but I like what I've seen so far.

This is one of my favorite songs from their previous album, Pieces Part One. It's called 당신의조들, feating Jisun. My limited Korean will only allow me to appreciate the general sentiment of a song, so I enjoyed reading the translation of the lyrics.

TheAsianMission also translated one of my favorite korean songs of 2008.
기억을 걷는 시간 by Nell


Anonymous said...

Great link. Thanks for sharing!

ACCHORD said...

I love the asian mission it let me know that Epik High are lyrically the best hip hop artists on the planet hands down. so intricate