17 January 2009

Let's Toast to the Snow

This past week has been near frigid, but thanks to some recent snowfall, temperatures have become more bearable.

Even though it usually results in icy sidewalks and an increase in traffic, an occasional snowfall is still pretty exciting to see. I don't even mind having to bundle up. I especially enjoy having a reason to wear my unattractive yellow snow boots.

Check me out. Here I am bundled up in five layers, trying to do a little sel-ca.

I've been meaning to post (not that I've done anything terribly exciting), but have been busy at work. I've also gotten lazy, and have started to leave my computer at the office. (Them macbooks are purty, but they're also a little heavy.)

Last night we went to the noraebang. My singing hasn't improved, but I did discover a new song. A few of you J fans may be interested in her latest single "Toast", featuring Humming Urban Stereo.

02. Toast (with. Humming Urban Stereo) - J

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