07 January 2009

Look,이모. It's Alex!

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Last year (just a couple of weeks ago) I attended "Sweet December" a joint concert between ballad singers Park Jung Hyun and Alex. Though I am a fan of both singers, I hadn't intended to go to the concert, especially since we were in the midst of winter intensive classes. But then, my cousin N's close friend and incidentally, mother of one of my students, Mrs. K. graciously invited me to the concert after hearing that I was a fan of Alex' music. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. Truly. It would have been rude.

Plus, she offered to take me back stage to meet Alex. How could I refuse?

Before the concert, thanks to Mrs. K's contact, we went backstage to meet Alex, and, by "meet" I mean say hello and then take a quick photo. He was scheduled to go on stage in 30 minutes, so our meet and greet was understandably rushed.

The only thing I can say after meeting Alex is that he's WAY smaller in person. I know that the camera adds ten pounds, but the WGM cameras must have added at least thirty, because I never would have guessed that he was so slim. Maybe the concert schedule had him running ragged, but Alex definitely needs some kim bap, STAT. His face was not much bigger than mine.

(This only leads me to wonder how small some of the really tiny actresses are in real life.)

The photo below does not adequately convey how small Alex is.

I quite enjoyed the concert. As typical of ballad concerts in Korea, the show was a little sappy, (The overarching theme of Sweet December, if I understood correctly, was about how relationships can be sweeter after a couple has broken up, and then gotten back together) but both artists performed some of my favorite songs.

The concert took place in the Olympic Fencing Stadium. I would have enjoyed the music in a more intimate setting, but I shouldn't complain. We had some pretty awesome seats. We were quite close to the stage. We could have rushed Alex if we wanted -- not that we would. Ballad fans don't really get out of hand. They usually just wave their glow sticks to the music. The only fan that got out of hand was an ajumma who ran up to the stage to get a photo of Alex in action. The security girls had to tackle her, and drag the woman back to her seat. Oh, that Alex. He makes the ajummas go crazy.

Though I like Alex's music, the highlight of the evening was probably Park Jung Hyun's aka Lena Park's performances. She has a very peculiar, almost nasal, singing voice, but it's also surprisingly powerful. One of those voices you either hate or love. I, for one, am a fan of her voice. She even sang one of my favorites. It brought me back to my sophomore year in college.

Thanks to my cousin N. and Mrs. K for inviting me to the concert, and gracias to my other cousin, VP for accompanying me.


InMySeoul said...

Oh wow, that is awesome that you got to meet Alex!

I've recently been watching re-runs of "We Got Married". In that show Alex looks fairly big (meaning muscular and fit) compared to the other guys. He does look really small though in that picture.

Sadly though, I'm an Andy and Solbi fan...lol

ACCHORD said...

sweeet you got to meet alex that's cool. I love the song in that video. I would blast for daaays! I had it on my phone too for the loooongest time.