21 January 2009

Teacher Annalog: What Makes a Person Smart?

Besides an ivy league degree?

Here's a response from one of my third grade students (a non-farting one). I had meant, what does it mean for a person to be smart, but he interpreted the question as "How does one become smart?" His response basically sums up most Korean moms' approach to learning...

What Makes a Person Smart.
Written by a Third Grader

A person becomes smart if he or she practices the same thing over and over again. Another thing to get smart is to pay attention in class and focus. Another thing to do to get smart is don’t be lazy on weekends or a break and work instead. Another thing to do to get smart is ask your mom to give you worksheets and ask your mom to get you math classes. The last thing to do is to do a higher grade level work.

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Anonymous said...

what are you teaching your students...what a hard teacher