27 May 2008

Annalog Eats: Space Kimchee

Last month, South Korea sent its first astronaut to space. Along with Yi So-Yeon, they sent up some space friendly kimchee, because as most Koreans will tell you, it's not a complete meal without the option of kimchee. My cousin Nani had a set of Korean space food on hand, which she received as a "gift with purchase." Though we were a bit wary, we all were curious to check out this innovation in food technology.

I'm sure that Korean astronauts would be grateful for some food from the Motherland, but I can only imagine what foreign astronauts will think when they get a whiff of the kimchee.

Curious about Korean space food? Check out the video. Today's episode stars my lil' cousin Emi, with a cameo by her big sis' Jen. As is the Hollywood way, Cyndi better watch out. She's got competition from a much younger, rising star ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

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