26 May 2008

Doughnut Plant

I've been wanting to check out Doughnut Plant in Myeongdong for awhile now, though that was primarily because I thought it was called "Doughnut Planet." We went there rather late, so they seemed to have sold out a number of their flavors.

Perhaps the donuts that they had in stock where there for a reason, because I have to say I wasn't impressed.

I was greatly looking forward to trying the doughnuts, because the menu featured all sorts of interesting options like PB&J and Valhorna Chocolate. They even have square-shaped doughnuts!

For some reason, I decided to skip the doughnuts and try out the sticky bun. It was 땡겨ing me. Bad call, Annalog.

Cyndi had the "Blackout," inspired by the rich chocolate cake of the same name. It wasn't that bad. I think it tasted more like a cupcake. It definitely tasted better than the One cupcakes from Shinsegae.

I had the "Sticky Bun." It lacked flavor, and was a bit on the dry side.

Piliksu had the "Vanilla Bean" doughnut, the so-called no. 1 selling doughnut. For a ring of dough saturated in oil, it was very dry. It was possibly the worst doughnut I've ever tried.

After perusing the Doughnut Plant website, I realized why I did not find the doughnuts to my liking:


Despite the disappointing doughnuts, I'm sure that people will be be drawn to this hip-looking doughnut boutique. I saw another Doughnut Plant being built somewhere else in Seoul (Kangnam? Shinchon? I can't recall), so I think you can count on them to ride this current wave of doughnut mania in Korea, a trend which I hereby deem dollyu.


doughnut mania said...

There is Donghnut Plant at Samsung Plaza^^

anna said...

Really? And, you mean Bundang Plaza :)

Luna said...

What were the purple doughnuts?

doughnut mania said...

uh....bundang samsung plaza B1

anna said...

I think the purple doughnuts had some sort of cranberry glaze.

I guess Samsung Plaza is now known as Bundang Square. I will have to check out the basement. :)