22 May 2008

PMS: Thumbs Up!

Korean men are brave. American men tend to lay low when it's their woman's time of the month. Korean men on the other hand, have boldly decided to embrace the most sensitive time of a woman's cycle, or as we call it back in the homeland, PMS.

The poster says it all. When it comes to aches, moodiness, cravings, headaches, fatigue, bloating, severe cramping, and not to mention, heightened aggression, Korean men say, "Thumbs Up. We're here for you, babe."

I looked up this PMS, and it seems that PMS stands for "Pre-medical School," not "Premenstrual Syndrome." You'd think that a pre-med school would be familiar with premenstrual syndrome. On the other hand, according to a naver search, the Korean word for PMS appears to be 월경증후군. (Is that right, Heng 선생님?) That is quite different from "PMS."

1 comment:

ur 선생 said...

월경전증후군.. Good job .. Miss Annalog학생 !!
But it is technical term ..we just say that, the day or magic day ~~
if u say that, most people think u r sensitive and have a pain.
And PMS is a kind of 학원 for medical graduate school as u think