16 May 2008

Cyndi Gets Lasek

It's been two days since her LASEK surgery, and Cyndi still seems to be experiencing some significant discomfort. She was instructed to keep her eyes closed as much as possible. That means she either sleeps or listens to the ambient noises of Bundang.

Cyndi eyes are quite swollen; probably because tears seem to flood out of her eyes every time she cracks them open.

I feel bad for Cyndi, though not bad enough that I didn't pester her for an interview immediately after her surgery...

One more note about the surgery: the doctor and nurse did not wear shoes while in the operating room. The nurse just simply wore her stockings. Is that typical in Korean operating rooms?


ZenKimchi said...

Hey Anna,

This is Joe from the SeoulPodcast and Zenkimchi. Would you be interested in coming on our show as a panelist sometime? You just need Skype and a headset.

If so, email me at zenpickle_at_gmail.com.

- Joe

who am i? said...

it is special...I have`nt seen that the doctor and nurse have not wear shoes in the operation room.. ㅋㅋ