25 May 2008

"So Hot"

In case you're not in the k-pop loop, I predict that this will be the next big song. You better start learning the dance before it's all over youtube.

I'm going to even say that this song will be UBIQUITOUS. Koreans (not to mention the rest of the free world) love a beat that will get over-sexualized adolescents in minis to shake their booties.

Plus, the lyrics are just so darn cheeky.

조용히 살고 싶은데 에 에
다른 여자애들 처럼 엄 엄
엄마는 왜 날 이렇게 낳았어
내 삶을 피곤하게 하는지
I'm so hot
난 너무 예뻐요
I'm so fine
난 너무 매력있어
I'm so cool
난 너무 멋져
I'm so so so hot hot
This is sure to be the summer anthem for girls across Seoul. It's definitely Piggy's.

"So Hot" - Wonder Girls

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Cyndi said...

Here's the song. Enjoy~