28 May 2008

Scaling for Men

Cyndi and I were due for a scaling, and Piliksu decided to join us. He actually wanted to go to the DMZ, but changed his mind when he learned that we'd have to trek to Seoul very early in the morning.

Tools of the Trade:
I bet you didn't think that a facial could be so involved.

The doctor lived in L.A. when she was younger, so her English was quite good. I finally got a chance to ask the doctor what "scaling" is. Scaling is basically a light Glycolic Acid mask. She says that the mask is slightly lighter than what you'd get back in the States because Asian skin types tend to be more sensitive. That's true. My skin gets very emotional when I watch sappy movies.

I don't really know any dudes back home who regularly go in for a facial (at least, they won't admit to it). I saw a number of men at the clinic, so I don't think Korean men feel as self-conscious about taking care of their skin.

You'd think that facials or scalings would be more popular with men. I mean, a pretty woman washes and massages your face. I thought men would find such an idea very appealing.

After the peel, they soothe your face with a mask that's appropriate for your skin type. I think they gave Piliksu a "whitening" mask. I'm find it curious that Shrek-green substance "whitens" your skin.

At the end of procedure, they subject you to some sort of laser light show. I'm not sure what it does. I'm hoping it's to the benefit of my complexion, and not part of some top secret science experiment. It took me four scalings before I even realized they did this. I'm usually asleep until the very end.

I've asked Piliksu to send me thoughts on the whole experience. I'll post an update, if/when he responds.


Ian said...

Aaargh!!! I would have done this cause you know how vain I am!!!

anna said...

We asked you, mister!
Didn't we?

Anonymous said...

where can i get this done?

annalog said...

We go to a place in Bundang called Areum Dawoon Nara (ANACLI). It's a franchise so you can find a clinic throughout Seoul. The procedure is called "scaling."


lao-ocean-girl said...

How much is it and what are the benefits for your skin? How often do you get it done?

annalog said...

Scaling at ANACLI is 100,000 won per session. I try to go every 1-2 months. I've gone four times so far. I like the scaling because 1) The doctor takes care of the big annoying pimples that tend to hurt. 2) The peel is like a very thorough exfoliation (though the sensation is quite different). Perhaps it's because I dropped $100, but I'm convinced that my skin appears smoother and cleaner a few days after the scaling. People have noted an improvement in my overall complexion, but that just might be the BB cream. The scaling probably whitens your skin as well, but I'm not really into the whole whitening effect.
I also like the sensation of having someone gently wash and moisturize my face. It's the equivalent to getting your hair washed at the salon.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

lao-ocean-girl said...

Thanks! I'm going to make an appointment at the Gangnam office soon. I know there are a lot of beauty treatments in Korea, and I would get them done, if there were more info for English speakers, and not just for Japanese and Chinese tourists.