21 May 2008

Sticky Palooza

May seems to be the month of visitors. Unfortunately, neither Cyndi nor I are very good tour guides. Fortunately, we seem to learn a little more with each visitor. I'll be sure to post more about our outings, including visits to a fortune teller, a martial arts comedy show, and food!

We may not be great tour guides for Seoul, but Cyndi & I are gradually becoming experts on the art of sticky pics. As Ian Oppa pointed out, I have a tendency to fill the pics with all sorts of stamp vomit, but I'm learning to simplify.

Visitor #1: Cyndi's Bro, Dani Henney (I think that he vaguely looks like Korean actor, So Ji Sub. Of course, Cyndi strongly disagrees.)

Visitor #2: Ian Oppa was here for two weeks, so we made him take two sticky pics.

Visitor #3: Our most recent visitor, Piliksu was only here for three days, but we still made him a sticky pic. We also added an ominous message for our friends back in the homeland: "Coming Soon to America..."


heng said...

I think Cyndi`s Bro looks like
Lee Jung Jae

anna said...

Kind of...,but face only.