15 May 2008

Happy Teacher's Day to Me

I did not realize it was Teacher's Day in Korea until I saw all the flowers and gifts that my colleague received. My co-worker is an awesome teacher and she totally deserves all of her gifts, if not more. I can't say that I am as noteworthy of a teacher, but I definitely deserve at least a "Happy Teacher's Day, Teacher." Sadly, I received zilch. Those ungrateful little...

I've decided that I'm going to applaud myself: Good job, Teacher Annalog! You are awesome! I may not be the best teacher, but I'm certainly better than that old guy who whacks students with a ruler!

Thus, I've decided to post an excerpt from an email that I received from one of my students. (I should mention that I'm leaving my current hagwon, because my cousin has decided to open up her own hagwon.) This student refers to me as his "best teacher." I'm not sure what kind of monsters may have taught him in the past, but I'll take the title of "best teacher," no questions asked.

Big ol' pat on the back:

Teacher Annalog,
... I will miss you because you was the best teacher I have met since i was a baby. You were the teacher in ____________ Academy, and i was afraid at first. Maybe it

could be the feacher of American, but i liked your mind to accept all the idea of students even it is strange things. And you improved my mind also in accepting other's ideas...

The next time some kid refers to me as the devil, I'm going to stuff this email in his or her face and say, "Best teacher SINCE HE WAS A BABY! You better recognize."


Anonymous said...

Well we all know that you are a good teacher
so Happy Teachers day to you

Julian Warmington said...

Yeah! Happy Teacher's Day,
Annalog Teacher!

(I hope it was a good one.
...And have a nice weekend, too.)