15 May 2008


As I mentioned previously, Cyndi decided to undergo LASEK surgery. In fact, she's having the surgery done right this instant! I just watched her get her right eye done, and the doctor is now working on her left eye. I was going to document the whole procedure with my camera, but the nurse wouldn't let me. Instead, I watched the surgery from the observation window. Here's what I saw:

As Cyndi lay quietly on the surgical bed, I watch the nurse prep. I see her fill up what looks like really gnarly looking syringe needles with some clear liquid gel. My heart immediately starts thumping. They're going to stick Cyndi's eyeballs with those really long needles? Ack!

First she wipes down the facial area near Cyndi's eyes. Then the doctor uses a scary looking clamp to hold open Cyndi's right eye. Next, the nurse grabs one of those horrific needles and holds it over Cyndi's eye. Fortunately, she simply uses the syringe to squeeze liquid all over Cyndi's cornea. Cyndi's pupil shrinks to the size of her mole. Then, they add more clear liquid. Now her eyeball is drowning in some unidentified liquid. I'm hoping it's some sort of anesthetic.

BUT THEN, the doctor uses some sort of metal scraping tool to scratch off a transparent layer which I presume is the clear gel that they squirted on a few seconds ago. However, it could totally be a layer of Cyndi's eyeball! I don't know. I'll have to ask her.

Once all the scraping is done, the lights dim and it's time for some laser action. I'm not sure what is going on, but I look at Cyndi's feet. She doesn't seem to be writhing in pain, so I'm assume the laser is all right. They seem to laser for about 30 seconds. Then, they quickly cover Cyndi's cornea with a damp cotton swab. Dab. Dab. Dab. Squirt more clear magic eye juice. Now, it's onto the next eye!

This is when I decide to somewhat live blog what I observed. I'm using the computer in the waiting room, but now my back is to the operating room. I don't know what's going on with the left eye, but I assume it's similar to what went on with the left eye.

If Cyndi's up to it, I'll get her to do a post-op video interview.

-Let me go check on Cyndi. The right eye took less than 10 minutes, so her left eye must be done by now -

Yup, she's done. Now they're just wiping down the exterior eye area. It's a good thing that she removed her eyelash extensions (even if her eyes look a little naked)

I have to go check on the patient. I'll post more later.

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