11 June 2008

Annalog is an Olympic Gold Medalist!

I'm not sure if you're aware of this but I am a Beijing 2008 Olympian... for Nintendo Wii that is. The Nintendo Wii has finally been released in Korea, and Heng got one. Yay!

As far as I can tell, aside from the Hangul, the Nintendo looks the same as the one that folks camped out for back in 2007. The only other difference is that Heng's controllers each came with a snazzy silicon cover. Are they now including controller covers with the sets back home?

Heng also purchased the "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008)."

The Olympic game is more physically exerting than the Wii Sports games. After hours of swimming, running, rowing, and other track + field events, we looked like we had run an actual 100M race.

I don't mean to boast-- Okay, yeah I do. Despite my ineptitude in the physical world, I'm pretty darn awesome as an athlete in the virtual world.

I managed to earn a number of medals, including a couple of gold.

Look at mii in my little track suit. Aren't I intimidating?

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