03 June 2008

Coronary Heart Disease on a Plate

We tried a burger from Smokey Saloon (in the Hyundae Department Store Food Court /Samseong-dong). Of course, I had to go for the burger that posed the most risk of inducing heart disease. This burger's called the "Ambulance," a cheeseburger with a hash brown, bacon, and sunny-side up egg. The burger was certainly tasty, but it was more like a meatloaf than a burger. The juices from the patty make the bun soggy, so you'll probably want to eat the burger with a fork and knife.

I'm curious to check out Smokey Saloon in Itaewon. I imagine that they have a wider menu than the one at the Food Court.

I'm not sure which is worse for my health, this burger or the heart attack on a stick.

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