18 June 2008

Yes! It's raining!

The rainy season has officially begun in Korea. I believe that in Korea, they call rainy season "summer." Normally, I'm not so big on rain, especially when I have to drive. Today's downpour even has me wondering if I should start building an ark.

Though I'm not looking forward to riding the bus in the rain, I'm very excited to have the opportunity to wear my rain boots!

I came across a bunch of really cute boots a few months ago at a shoe store in Myeondong called "Spai." (I wish I could tell you the exact location of Spai, but even with all the time spent there, I still get lost. It's not that big, so I think you can find it if you don't mind wandering).

EDIT: You can buy the boots at spaimall.com Thanks for the link, Heng!

I bought two pairs of boots. I sent a pair of brown lace-up boots back to the Homeland, but I still have my high-heeled flower print boots. That's right! My boots protect my feet and legs from the rain AND gives me a boost. The boots are also surprisingly snug, which prevents it from looking like work man boots -- that, and the fact that there are flowers all over them. The boots were 40,000 won; more than I would normally pay for footwear in Korea, but definitely worth it.

As my Korean teacher noted, other than children and fisherman, Koreans do not typically wear rain boots. I asked her why given that Korea gets so much rain. She said that Korean women prefer to wear slippers or sandals. I used to wear slippers in the rain, but, as you can probably imagine, they'd SLIP off my feet if the rain got heavy. Rain boots are definitely preferable to slippers when walking in the rain.

My flower boots are a little loud and I will often get stares, but I like to think that soggy footed gawkers are thinking to themselves, "Dang, that's such a good idea right now."

Cyndi purchased a pair of long, equestrian style rain boots from zappos.com. Her brother delivered them to her during his visit in the spring. She too understands the merits of a stylish rain boot.

I know that rain boots may not seem very attractive, but trust me, it's so much better to walk through a puddle than jump over one.

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Cyndi said...

my boots look dirty...안나야, 좀 wipe 해주라~ㅋㅋ
i didn't buy it on ebay. Zappos!
cu on sunday!