16 June 2008


If you would like to watch Korean movies or dramas with English subtitles, you should check out mysoju.com, a website that aggregates links (of streaming video) to popular Korean, Japanese, and Tawainese dramas.

Special thanks to JIm for the link!


Amber said...

Hey there Annalog! I'm a frequent lurker of your blog so I thought I'd finally leave a comment for once lol. I really enjoy reading about your daily life in Korea as I'm interested in living and teaching there myself one day.

Anyhoo, MySoju is great site. I found it a few weeks ago from a link that someone posted on CrunchyRoll, which is a similar kind of drama/movie/anime streaming site.

annalog said...

Thanks for lurking. Please let me know if you have any questions about living or teaching in Korea.

Na said...

Hi Annalog... I just came to your blog out of nowhere.. but love it so far.. I'm so much in love with mysoju for all the movies & dramas but just wanna ask if you know anything's happening to it right now? I was watching a series and it disappeared.. :( Is there other websites for me to use? Tks

annalog said...

I haven't been to mysoju in awhile. Too bad it's not working well. You can also try http://crunchyroll.com/

It also offers a great selection of Asian media.

TubeAsianCom said...

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