24 June 2008

Snack Time

These are the Korean snacks that we're currently munching on... (Don't worry, 이모. Cyndi's being healthy and mostly eating 과일.)

집중력 Chocolates (Concentration Chocolates?). According to the package, it helps you to study and concentrate. I tried a chocolate, but have not noticed any added benefits. At least the chocolate isn't that bad.

This is the latest in the line of "Custard" cakes. I would liken the cake to a Twinkie, just a little less sweet and radioactive. The cakes pictured below are made out of different grains , but they taste just like the other Custard cakes. The name is a little misleading because the filling tastes nothing like custard (which I'm glad about it). The Custard cakes also come in vanilla, lemon, and...

Sweet potato!

This is a classic chip that I've eaten since I was little. They're octopus flavored chips, though they taste nothing like octopus. They're salty, sweet, and very tasty.

These shrimp chips are yummy. I could probably eat a whole bag in one sitting. These chips are similar to the shrimp chips that garnish the Peking Duck dishes back home.