15 June 2008

More on Daily King's Brown Sugar

You're probably tired of hearing about brunch after just reading my massive Battle of the Brunch post, but it's my blog and I'll talk about brunch if I want to :)

In my comparison of the three brunch restaurants in Jeongja, I hastily judged Daily King's Brown Sugar based on it's dessert menu. In order to keep the comparison fair, this weekend, Joon, Heng, and I went to check out Brown Sugar's brunch fare.

I have to say, not bad.

Daily King's Brown Sugar
Michelan Arcade (Samsung Apartments)
Jeongja-dong, Bundang

First of all, Brown Sugar is larger than I thought. It has a chic second floor decorated with a black and white interior and Roy Lichenstein inspired artwork.

I had assumed that the Brown Sugar menu would be fairly similar to that of Daily King's Diner, but it's actually quite different. For one thing, the dishes are a little more pricey. My Eggs Benedict was a little over 15,000 won! The Brown menu also features a different (perhaps more upscale?) array of brunch platters, omelets (including a white omelet), salads, and sandwiches.

Joon ordered Jay's Platter. The French Toast was fluffy and powder-sugar free! I was also surprised to see a ham steak. There's no Richam at Brown Sugar.

Heng ordered an omelet filled with bacon, cheese, and sausages. Although the sausages tasted like strongly seasoned hot dogs, the omelet was tasty.

I ordered the outrageously priced Eggs Benedict. The eggs were slightly overcooked and the muffin too bread-like, but I was glad to see that the dish wasn't swimming in hollandaise. The side of salad was a strange pairing, but I enjoyed the meal nonetheless.

Based on what I've sampled, I'd say that Brown Sugar is worth a visit if you don't mind the higher pricing. I still, however, deem Butterfinger Pancakes as my favorite brunch diner thus far.

Brown Sugar also has the most complicated place mat that I've ever seen. Maybe you can make sense of it?

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MImi said...

Hi! thanks for your reviews. I just went to Brown Sugar yesterday (for the 2nd time) and I was looking for info when I found your blog. I haven't been to many brunch places in Bundang, but I got to know Brown Sugar thanks to some Korean friends. I had the omelette with chili inside, and it was delicious! I asked the waiter to put "less spicy" as I'm quite scared of Korean "a little bit spicy", and the result was magnific.
The prices are high, I agree, but at least the dish is gigantic (i had my bf help me finish it).
Anyway, welcome to read my blog too! I post a lot about food/cafes too, and certainly brunch as I go~~~