10 June 2008

Import Bacon, Not Beef

Protests against S. Korean President M.B. Lee and the importation of mad cow ridden American beef still rages on. According to the NYT, the S. Korean Cabinet has offered to resign in the face of such heated protests.

I'm shamelessly ignorant about the whole ordeal, so I can't say anything educated about this issue. I will, however, offer up my two cents anyway.

Perhaps if S. Koreans learned that America has things like Bacon Salt to offer, Koreans would more inclined to dampen anti-American (government) sentiments, and allow FTA discussions to resume.


Desiree said...

I think you really need to learn about what's going on. The beef they are importing from the States is not the same as the beef you eat in the States. The protests are not anti-american at all, they are anti-lee myung bak, who is the most ludicrous president in the history of the world perhaps.

annalog said...

Yes, I know.